Meet Our Team

Micharel Terlato
Micharel TerlatoDirector
I am born into a long history of cabinet makers. My father and his before him
they all worked their hands in fine woodwork. You could say it’s my family heritage.
Emma Terlato
Emma TerlatoGeneral Manager
Every day I work with Michael and his team I seem to enjoy it more. We started with nothing really. And Oh my how the business has grown.
Paul Terlato
Paul TerlatoSenior Cabinetmaker
I started this job as an apprentice and am still learning so much every day I’m here. But give me a chisel and I’m as happy as a crow in a cornfield.
Vaia Fillancio
Vaia FillancioEfficiency Manager
I am sure there are better firms to work with out there. It’s just that 20 years is a long time to try to find one. Now let me get back to my spreadsheets. Ha ha
Chip Blackwood
Chip BlackwoodFactory Manager
Been here about 17 years. Yet seems like I just landed the job. How time flies when you’re a busy boy.
Mark Handles
Mark HandlesCheck measurer, installer and driver
My friends seem to think I must get bored here. But hey I’m just too busy to get bored. I could work here 25 hrs a day and still not get everything done. It keeps me off the streets, that’s for sure.
Chuck Buzzsaw
Chuck BuzzsawFine Machiner
I don’t feel that this is a job I feel like this is a family. Wouldn’t be anywhere else in the world today.