You’re Gonna Love Our Kitchen Re-modelling Service.

Our kitchens are as individual as their owners. Here, you will find your dream kitchen: suiting the room, suiting your budget and completely tailored to your taste and personal requirements. Be it classic or modern, matt or high-gloss, small or large – we would not be Melbourne’s leading kitchen brand if we could not live up to your expectations!

We stand for variety and service. Reliability and continuity are important to us. To make sure you are always in the best hands we train our staff and partners. As they consist of complex, highly functional furniture it is important that an expert guides you through the buying process, someone who gives you advice and knows best about planning.

We believe we provide a kitchen production service second to none. Simply contact us and experience Melbourne’s friendliest team for yourself

No High Pressure Sales

At Fine Edge, interior designers–not sales people–plan your kitchen. We don’t aim for hawking predefined cabinets, we aim for a triumphant kitchen design that’s a110% right for you.

Fine Edge - Craftsmen Not Salesmen

If you want a MacDonald’s business model kitchen, sorry we’re not right for you.

Premium Kitchen Design

Fine Edge Kitchen’s design team assists you in designing a kitchen to suit your individual lifestyle. Whether or not you are sure of what you want

Resourceful, Individual Kitchens

The process involved in fully establishing your new kitchen is quite complex. A kitchen installed by Fine Edge will usually take just one day to fit-out.

Amazing Bathroom Designs

Whether you desire a bathroom that's stunningly contemporary or thoroughly traditional, Fine Edge is there to assist you beautifully every time.

Build Something Beautiful

Granite marble, laminate or imporite, you simply cannot go wrong with Fine Edge at your side.

Hardworking Laundries

The laundry needs functionality, good space usage, and mountains of storage. We know that better than anyone.

The Cleaning Machine

For that well organized household cleansing, the laundry is the control centre. And you can count on Fine Edge to hone that space to perfection.

Custom Cabinets for elsewhere

For other rooms in your home, you can call on Fine Edge kitchens to meticulously plan every millimeter of your custom cabinetry.

Cabinets tailored to your precise needs

Custom cabinets in your home or work area is certainly becoming increasingly popular today. Let Fine Edge show you the right way to do it. With panache!

A final Word from Fine Edge Kitchens

Your kitchen should be more than a collection of doors and cabinets– it’s the very heart of your household. So we think it stands to reason that you upsize your dream, whether it’s floor to ceiling cabinetry or countertops that go on for ever.

That’s why we ensure your kitchen is affordable. And that’s why we offer oodles of help all along the way – from precision planning to piecing it together at our workshop.  Because with Fine Edge kitchens, every bit is possible. And really, aren’t dreams the best when they magically come true?

Why Choose Us

    • Superb quality at reasonable prices
    • Free  professional designer consultation
    • Client and customer (not profit) oriented
    • Finest quality durable finishes, surfaces, fittings, and furniture
    • Advanced construction methods
    • Near unlimited array of options

What Client’s Say

Highly recommended! This Fine Edge kitchen crowd. Highly recommended
Hansel Luca, Retired
I would like to recommend this team to everyone interested in building a interior fitout very conveniently. Thanks Michael, thanks Emma
Andrew Novis, Debt Collector
Let me say something. You have an amazing team and amazing/awesome support. They helped me on weekend. This is what I call an “extra mile” in customer relationship.
M. Gojcus, Caulfield Health Store